Aug 25 2016

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VFW Department of Virginia Special Service Project October 2016

VFW Department of Virginia Special Service Project October 201




Military Community Outreach Volunteer


Choose one or more of the following:
1, ” Contact your local VA Hospital, Vets Center, military base, Reserve unit, National Guard unit, Airman Family Readiness Center, Army Community Services, Fleet and Family Support Center, or Family Assistance Center to see about distributing brochures (then let us know how many brochures you’ll need).
2. ” Connect with veterans service organizations in your area (American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, AmVets, USO, etc.). As organizations in each community tend to vary, we invite you to research what is available in your community. You can introduce the local organization to Give an Hour and offer to provide them with brochures to distribute to their members.
3. ” If there is a large military population in your community, you can contact local schools and offer to give teachers and staff information about Give an Hour. Schools can be another source of referrals to Give an Hour providers.
4. ” Contact the advertising departments of your local Base or Post newspapers as well as lifestyle magazines in your community and ask them to run the Give an Hour ad as a public service announcement. (A PDF of the GAH ad may be found on our website, under News, Press Releases.).
5. ” Connect with Base or Post Spouses Clubs including Officers Spouses Club and Enlisted Spouses Club. You can introduce the local organization to Give an Hour and offer to provide them with brochures to distribute to their members.
6. ” Ask primary care providers at your Military Treatment Facility to display Give an Hour brochures. We know that primary care physicians are often the first to refer folks for mental health services, so they should be aware that we exist. Let us know how many brochures you need.
7. ” Contact local community leaders such as Chaplains, First Sergeants, Key Spouses, or other unit leaders to let them know about Give an Hour. Write a letter, send a brochure, or meet with them personally.
8. ” Consider sending a letter-to-the-editor in your local Base or Post newspaper about Give an Hour.

Minimum age:


Availability needed:


Here’s how to get started:

Thank you for your interest in Give an Hour. Our recruiting process for volunteers is designed to enlist both mental health and general volunteers who can use their skill?sets, expertise, and business acumen to better the lives of those individuals and families affected by the post-9/11 conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our volunteer process ensures that you are among a dedicated and hand?picked group of volunteers working in concert to aid our constituency. We respect, value, and appreciate your time and your willingness to volunteer. After registering, you will be emailed information on the Volunteer Information Center Portal.

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