Apr 12 2010

The American Veteran – April 2010

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Apr 02 2010

VFW Washington Weekly – April 1, 2010

In This Issue:
1. National Healthcare Update
2. VFW Supports Legal Aid Fund
3. Gulf War Report Released
4. Internet Crime Complaint Center
1. National Healthcare Update: The VFW is leading the fight to ensure all DOD and VA healthcare programs are recognized as meeting minimum essential coverage standards under the new national healthcare law, but we still need your help. With Congress in recess for another week, the VFW is asking members, families and friends to contact their representatives and senators in their home offices and urge them to support two bills to protect the integrity and viability of all DOD and VA healthcare programs.
  • The U.S. House of Representatives needs to support S. 3162, which was introduced by Senate VA Committee Chairman Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) to protect VA healthcare programs. It passed the Senate unanimously on March 26.
  • The U.S. Senate needs to support S. 3148, which was introduced by Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee Chairman Jim Webb (D-Va.) to protect all military Tricare programs as well as non-appropriated fund health plans. S. 3148 is a companion bill to H.R. 4887, which was introduced by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) and approved March 20 by a vote of 403-0.
Tell your representatives to pass S. 3162 and your senators to pass S. 3148 when they return to Washington. To contact them, go to http://capwiz.com/vfw/dbq/officials/. A VFW press release is at http://www.vfw.org/index.cfm?fa=news.newsDtl&did=5425.

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Mar 31 2010

VFW Outraged at Court Decision, Calls for Assistance

KANSAS CITY, March 31, 2010 – The national commander of the nation’s largest organization of combat veterans is furious about the recent Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit Court decision ordering Albert Snyder, the father of a slain Marine to pay legal costs to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., led by Fred Phelps, has for years been taunting grieving mourners at military funerals nationwide. During the funeral of Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder’s funeral in 2006, the anti-gay group praised the loss of the young Marine as well as other of the nation’s young servicemen and women, calling their deaths a by-product of a nation that tolerates homosexuality.

“This is a travesty at best and borders on the obscene, said VFW National Commander Thomas J. Tradewell Sr., of Sussex, Wis. “The irony in this whole situation is that the blood and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes have enabled this group to spread their message of hate. Yet, they celebrate when one of America’s best pays the ultimate sacrifice preserving that right of free speech,” the Vietnam veteran said.

“Mr. Snyder has already confronted the difficulties of burying his Marine son and then bringing a lawsuit against this group of hate-mongers. It is absolutely wrong for the court to order him to shoulder a financial burden on top of everything else. That is why VFW national headquarters will be making a donation to the fund that has been established to assist in paying the legal costs. Additionally, I am asking that each of the more than 1.5 million members of the VFW do what they can to assist Mr. Snyder, even taking the time to offer a him note of support and encouragement.”

A fund has been set up to help Mr. Snyder pay the court costs. None of the money will be for attorneys, who are graciously representing him pro bono. To contribute, go to www.matthewsnyder.org, or send a check payable to “Al Snyder Fund” to:

Barley Snyder LLC.
100 East Market Street
York, PA 17401.

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Mar 31 2010

Pepsi Competition Delayed

Following yesterday’s request by Commander-in-Chief Tommy Tradewell, the VFW wishes to notify members and supporters that voting on the Pepsi Refresh competition will not begin until May 1, 2010.

More details will be passed along as that date nears.

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Mar 30 2010

Commander-in-Chief Requests Help

Dear Comrades and Supporters:

A few days ago I sent you a message informing you that the VFW Foundation was applying for a $250,000 “Pepsi Refresh” grant to support VFW’s “Return the Favor” campaign at the highest grant amount ($250,000) in the next open period (April 1, 2010).

As I explained previously, we have launched this campaign so that we can continue providing the resources to support the unmet needs of our service members and their families and programs designed to boost the morale of active duty troops and their families.

Since 2004, the VFW and its Foundation has provided over $3,400,000 in direct grants to military families for unmet needs such as rent, mortgage, utilities, vehicle repair, medical expenses and food/basic aid. In many instances, our intervention has stopped evictions and foreclosures on homes owned by troops and their families. We also hold numerous “welcome home” or “sendoff” events for our troops so that they know that America truly cares and is thankful for their service.

Here is how you can help:

Starting on April 1 (at 12:01 a.m.) you can go online to www.refresheverything.com and vote for VFW’s “Return the Favor” project. Click on the “Food and Shelter” Category and then the “$250,000” grant level. You will find VFW’s “Return the Favor” idea, pictures and a YouTube Video about the VFW, its programs and a description of our proposal which begins with, “Return the Favor to troops and their families for urgent unmet needs

Remember, the projects that receive the most votes will be awarded grants from the Pepsi Corporation. Please vote and vote often for our project. You can vote once every day for our project during the month of April. You can help the effort even more by telling your friends, family and colleagues about our proposal and encouraging them to cast a vote our way. Please send out an email blast to family, friends, colleagues, post a message on Facebook, Tweet about it, or put up a flyer to encourage others to vote as well.

With your assistance, we’ll be able to continue working on behalf of our military service members and their families.

Thank you for your support

Click on link to vote: http://www.refresheverything.com/ReturnTheFavor

Thomas J. Tradewell Sr.

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Mar 24 2010

Separate Legislation Now Required to Protect VA, DOD Healthcare Programs

WASHINGTON, March 23, 2010 – Millions of Americans are now covered by the new national healthcare law, but according to the national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., missing from the healthcare bill the president signed into law today was language to specifically protect the integrity and viability of the healthcare programs provided by the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense.

That means separate legislation introduced over the weekend is now required before America’s veterans, servicemembers and dependents can rest assured that their healthcare programs will be protected now and in the future.

“The VFW is not against national healthcare,” said Thomas J. Tradewell Sr., a combat-wounded Vietnam veteran from Sussex, Wis. “Our sole interest in the entire debate is to ensure that the programs provided by VA and DOD were recognized and protected. All VFW ever asked for months now for the promises made to be written into the final bill. They were not.”

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Mar 24 2010

March/April 2010 Checkpoint Magazine

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Mar 19 2010

VFW Washington Weekly – March 19, 2010

In This Issue:
1. VA to Ease Gulf War Benefits
2. Claims Summit Draws a Crowd
3. Vietnam MIA Identified

2. Claims Summit Draws a Crowd: VFW participated in a claims summit held by House VA Committee Chairman Bob Filner (D-CA). More than 50 witnesses discussed problems, ideas and potential solutions to help the disability claims process. Overhauling the veterans’ benefit delivery system is the number one priority goal of the VFW. We have asked VBA to improve their process by enhancing training and quality, improving IT infrastructure, and demanding a total commitment from leadership to accurately adjudicate claims the first time. For a list of VFW’s 2010 legislative priority goals, go to http://www.vfw.org/PR/Legislative/2010PriorityGoals%20PROOF.pdf.

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Mar 19 2010

VA Recognizes "Presumptive" Illnesses in Iraq, Afghanistan

WASHINGTON ? Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki today [Thursday] announced the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is taking steps to make it easier for Veterans to obtain disability compensation for certain diseases associated with service in the Persian Gulf War or Afghanistan. This will be the beginning of historic change for how VA considers Gulf War Veterans’ illnesses.

Following recommendations made by VA’s Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Task Force, VA is publishing a proposed regulation in the Federal Register that will establish new presumptions of service connection for nine specific infectious diseases associated with military service in Southwest Asia during the Persian Gulf War, or in Afghanistan on or after September 19, 2001.

“We recognize the frustrations that many Gulf War and Afghanistan Veterans and their families experience on a daily basis as they look for answers to health questions, and seek benefits from VA,” said Secretary Shinseki.

The proposed rule includes information about the long-term health effects potentially associated with the nine diseases: Brucellosis, Campylobacter jejuni, Coxiella burnetii (Q fever), malaria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Nontyphoid Salmonella, Shigella, Visceral leishmaniasis and West Nile virus.

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Mar 15 2010

NY Man Attempting 4,500 Mile "Patriot Walk" for Veterans

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — Mark Klodzinski, a Western New York native, will embark on a cross-country walk to raise money and awareness for American Veterans.

Mark will begin his 4,500 mile journey on March 16th, and hopes to raise over $1 million for the cause.

Mark hopes to travel 25 miles a day, meaning his entire trip will take him about 8 months, stopping at local American Legion and VFW Posts across the country.

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View route and follow on his website here

Follow Mark’s Facebook page here

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